Looking for a fully customizable alternative to Genius Sheets?

Flash Reports is a reliable, scalable Excel-Addon alternative to Genius Sheets that allows you to refresh your QuickBooks Online finance data directly in Excel. 
Why Choose Flash Reports over Genuis Sheets?
Watch the videos below to learn more about Flash Reports.
Why Choose Flash Reports over Genuis Sheets?
QuickBooks Guru Hector Garcia explains how easy is it is to use Flash Reports.
Full report customization at your fingertips.
Customize live budget/actual/prior period comparison reports without any period limitations. Choose any period to compare for either budget or actual values. Include own custom variance or margin calculations.
Update your forecasts.
Easy to update and create forecasts combining actual data with budget data to create a new forecast which can also be compared to the annual budget.
Use Classes to compare the performance of your various product lines.
Use flexible, easy to use Class reporting to analyze create comparisons, evaluate margins and determine which of your classes are the best performers!
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